Thursday, 6 February 2014

10 Best Indian Tattoo Designs

Designing tattoos at any part of the body have become a new fashion and style statement in the world. In India this art has been evolving as the earlier body piercing tradition to modern simple tattooing and now it has become the present and most established art form in India. This art has taken a unique and innovative form in India which is found nowhere else. In every nook and corner of the Indian streets you can find out tattoo artist India sitting out there. There are many Indian tattoo designs based on Indian culture and traditions. Some of them reflect your ancient culture of India. Although there are several Indian tattoo designs, but here we focus on only 10 best Tattoo designs.

One of the most preferred Indian tattoo designs is the bird tattoo design. Bird tattoo design is commonly a feminine tattoo design. Bird tattoos are designed mostly on back or shoulder. These tattoos go well if combined with other designs.

Peacock Feather Tattoo Design

The Indian tattoo design you can go for is feather tattoos. There are different types of feathers each has different meaning. Feather tattoos are generally preferred by women and can be done in any part of your body in different sizes and colors. Peacock is the national bird of India, and it is also one of the most beautiful birds in the world. So making peacock feather tattoo design looks gorgeous. Feather tattoo designs like crow feather, dove feather, parrot feather are also done.

Flower tattoo design is also the good idea for you if you are looking for Indian tattoo designs. There are so many types of flowers that can be tattooed on your body. The most common flower tattoos are designed in rose, lotus, lily. Flowers vine tattoos are also done in wide parts. Along with bunch of flowers some scenery are designed that too look nice on your body.

Other Indian tattoo designs you can go for animal tattoo designs. Different animals are selected for doing tattoo. Different animals resembles different meaning as tiger represents strength for Indians, lion means bravery and monarch. Tattoos like cat and rabbit are adorable designs. Many people prefer to make snake tattoos with different curves and sizes.

Many people in India believe in astrology. Among those astrology believers prefer to make tattoos related to astrology. There are different types of signs and symbols that resemble astrology. One of the most popular sign of astrology is the sun sign or zodiac sign that are commonly engraved as tattoo design who prefer tattoos related to astrology. So you can use your zodiac sign as your tattoo designs that can take place at any part of your body generally comes with grey or black color.

Early days tattoos were generally used as religious purpose. Even if tattoos are fashion factor now a day’s, so having a tattoo design of Om sign which is a hindu religious sign, is one of the unique andtraditional tattoo designs. Many youths are interested to make Om sign tattoo as it gives out a religious and cultural effect along with style.

Face of the sun tattoo is also one of the traditional tattoo designs for Indians. Sun is related to the religious factor and is considered to be the source of all positive things in the Indian culture. Sun tattoo designs are very famous with Indians.

Text tattoos are very common in today’s fashion and are done by both men and women. Text tattoosare generally done in the wider part of the body. If the text is of small size like a name or a small quote, it can be done anywhere. The interesting part of text tattoo is that you can choose any text of your choice that matches your personality. Text tattoos may include any name, captions, quote, love notes, moral lines, poems (sayari) etc. You can also use your own name as the text tattoo design. As Indian names have different meanings and some of them have meaning in Sanskrit, doing text tattoo with names brings an interesting flavor for your tattoo design. Text tattoos can be of religious that are quite inspirational type and help you to boost up your confidence too that includes name of god, mantra, lines of holy book etc. Indian cultural quote like gayatri mantra or hanuman chalisa are most preferred and the best text tattoo designs among the religious text tattoos. You can make your text tattoo design in any part of your body with any colour and alignment or curves. But be careful about the spellings as it cannot be changed.

The Mehendi tattoo is a tattoo made from Henna. It is usually done as a hobby. And sometimes it is used for auspicious occasions like weddings and religious functions. We can say that having mehendi at your body parts is a form of temporary tattoo.

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