Thursday, 26 September 2013

Eagle Tattoos

We have always been in favor of unique and attractive tattoos, rather than the same old fashioned tattoos. Eagle tattoos took my attention when i saw an incredible design of it, and here i am writing about it. Eagle tattoos are present from the ancient times, certain ancient tribes had them as their symbol.

Eagles are fast, fly high, sharp and far sighted. But, above all they look awesome and are symbol of speed and dignity. There are certain types of Eagle tattoos, eagle tattoo with opened wings, eagle tattoo with closed wings.

And then some simple mixing with other tattoos, and different colors present in the tattoos make it stand out. Eagle tattoos on chest are most prominent because of their size, but eagle tattoos on arms are seen more often, specially on the riders and red-Indians. But not only men, but women too seem to be pretty interested in the eagle tattoos.
Making softer outlooks of eagle tattoos, they could be worn by ladies too. But, we seem that women are less fan of these hardcore tattoos, they prefer the softer one's like Heart Tattoos.
Well enough saying, let's have a look on some of cool eagle tattoo designs for men and women!

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