Sunday, 20 July 2014

Top 10 Fashion Blogger Tattoos

photo by The Blond Salad

Not only Clothes, Shoes and Accessories go by trends and maybe not all trends are temporarily. 

Tattoos are far more personal and are mostly carefully selected by having a meaning and/or thought but most of all they too reflect ones personal sense of style!

See which Fashion Bloggers got Inked in this weeks Top 10!

1) Miss Pandora

The placement of the anchor tattoo is just absolutely gorgeous and fits Louise her style so well, the line drawing on her back is just pure perfection and I love how it blends in with her hair. 

2) Gala Gonzalez 

Gala is one of the best dressed bloggers for sure! What I love about her tattoos is that they look effortlessly chic or grunge depending on her outfits and blend in with her style perfectly!

3) Hanneli

I'm a big fan of writings on the wrist and it's not a surprise that it's looks amazing on hanneli!

4) The Blond Salad

The ribbon tattoo is just delicious and the writings on her arm have the perfect size which keeps the overall look lighthearted! I really love Chiara's "LUCE" tattoo as well!

5) The Haute Pursuit

Both of Vanessa's tattoo's on her wrist are gorgeous, no need to say I really love the heart!

6) Heart + Bleecker

The triangle is just amazing and I love the tiny heart with the exclamation mark!

7) Lulu and your Mom

Perfect place for a triangle!

8) Love Aesthetics

The line on Ivania's arm is one of the most amazing tattoo's plus it really really fits her style perfectly!

9) CAT Wolves&Bucks
The Cat runs the show! But in between Cat shots you will see plenty of tattoos! Tony and Adeline rock them perfectly, the Cat is very proud of them!

10) Le Blog de Betty

Delicious wrist tattoo!

11) Late Afternoon

These sweet birds totally make me want to fly away!

12) A Fraction of Fashion

Loving the stars on Celia's feet!

13) Homerunballerina

How perfect is the "Sucre" tattoo on a Pastry Chef?
Audrey's blog is as sweet and delicious as her tattoo!

14) Bohemian Chic

Very beautiful tattoo!

15) Fashion&Circus

Loving the little anchor!

16) Alice Point

What's not to love about the hanger?

17) Disarming Darling

Another blog I love a lot! The tattoos reflect Britney's style perfectly!

18) Fashion Chopper

Writings don't only look good on the arm, wrist, back and ribcase but look amazing on the leg as well!

19) Stylorectic

Seriously digging this!

20) Et pour quoi pas Coline?

I love Coline her style and tattoos!

21) Cats&Dogs

I spy Icecream and water lemons on Ricarda's arm!

22) Kingdom of Style

I really like the lightning bolt!

23) Gala Darling
And last but absolutely not least, what would a tattoo list be without Gala!

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