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Top 100 Simple and Easy Hairstyles for Girls

Hairstyles are raging trend. We are always experimenting with our looks and give them different cuts and styles during different seasons. If we generally keep long to moderate or medium to shoulder length of locks then we like to chop those down and give it some wispy bangs with some inward rolls which can make those look more fashionable and trendy for the summers. If we want to give some even shorter styles a try then we usually go for those styles which are more like bangs.

These are quite trendy to sport. Sometimes we also like to have those styles which make us look like we are going for a party. You can get these party ready styles from almost any parlour which specializes in those styles. A stylist will be able to give you some different forms of bridal looks or festival style looks which you will find it difficult to do at home. Therefore it is okay to take the help of a stylist or a friend if she is properly accustomed with the styling procedures and get those stylish looks for a gathering or occasion. You can try these quite easily.

There are looks which will keep you relieved from the summer sweat and also it will make you look more fashionable. Braid making is a work which you need to master. You cannot learn this in a single day. Sporting these looks is very easy. You can have several other boyish trendy looks too. Those can be of the Emo style or the Punk style which are quite a huge trend these days. You can try the pop rock style that musicians use to sport when they would play on the stage. This originated several years back. These can be a hot style too. This mainly attracts the youth. So you will find only young girls sporting these looks. There can be classier forms of styles too. These can be the up do looks. Mostly these give a classy and vintage feel.

The retro styles are a trend these days and these look very celebrity like. These also give you show stopper looks. You will mostly need to maintain thick volume for these but if you do not have such volume then you can use false clip in extensions and other clip in sections to give the original volume, more volume to be able to do some up dos with the use of bum its beneath them. You can also try several other styles like the normal curly or wavy looks. Ethnic looks can work very good as an Indian or ethnic reception choice. You can try these with heavy ethnic jewelleries. This will require a professional’s styling until and unless you are really good with braids or buns. You can use false extensions to increase the volume of the bun. If you want to sport something like a curly wavy look, then these styles are a right choice for you. These days these half up and half down looks are grabbing a lot of popularity. From the celebrities to the models these are a hot trend. You can try a looks like this for your reception. This can go good with all types of outfit. So you will not have to worry teaming this up with any particular dress code.

There are also long wavy looks. These will not be a problem to sport even with some false temporary sections to increase length and volume. You can try a look with some heat and big Velcro curlers. If you have naturally wavy locks then it will be more useful. Use some shine spray and adorn the top with some stone studded accessory. Messy looks are also a huge trend. The messy buns are too very trendy thing to sport. This looks very good. Messy styles are a hot trend these days. This is very easy for almost anyone to do. You can also take help from bun experts. If you have medium to long bangs, then it will be even more ravishing. Give the bangs some waves and your bun a nice stone accessory to complete these look. If you have thick and long sections then a look like which is more sleek and straight will be better and will give more decency. You need to have a stylist for important occasions and this will help you achieve the perfect braids running across your head.

You can further adorn the braids with some floral pins or even real flowers. A teased beehive crown will make this look and feel more vintage. If you think you do not have length and volume before an important party, there are always false sectional extensions for that. If you want to sport a short look, that too can be modified. If you have frizzy texture then you can easily try braids. This is because braids do not fall out and stay there if texture is not very smooth or silky. It can be a good celeb like look to sport. This is a form of messy look and these will suit you in a very good way if you have a bit of scrunch texture. Dry texture works very well with side braids because they have a chance of falling loose if they are done on very smooth texture. Sometimes you can have a look which incorporates various different styles.

Summer look are very different forms of rope and knot styles that can be tried. A trendy style that you can try for the summer months can be a bun. This will keep you sweat free and also make you look very celebrity like. You can try a simple running braid from one side to the other at the root of the bun. Teasing or use of sponge pads can help you make a high beehive bun and you can also use pads or bump it for more volume. A very common celebrity look that you must have seen on Miley Cyrus and others is loose braids or messy braids. That is a common and stylish look for young girls. These are very randomly done. You can try these any day and very easily even without any professional help of a stylist.

These can be done at home with rollers and other curling equipments. A conch shell bun is a popular style these days. There are also rolled buns or French up dos. You can create a beautiful conch shell bun if you have thick and long sections. You can use pads underneath the bun to make it more puffed. Further, some crystal or stone studded accessory or floral accessory will help you attain a celebrity style look.
Below are the top 100 hairstyles that you can sport.

1. Puffy retro:

This is a wonderful look that you can try out easily for your party. This will provide a puffy style that is retro to look at and will also give a classy feel.

2. Bouffant look:

This will look very lovely when you sport this with jump suits and also with other short dresses or skirts. This is a bouffant look and this can be attained if you put small bump its underneath the hair.

3. Summer style:

This can be something for the Indian party occasions. Not just that, this will go good with almost all types of outfits. You can tie at back in the form of a pony tail for the summer time.

4. Side shaved :

This will have the sides shaved and the proper way to wear this is with bleach washed jeans or denim capris. This gives a very tom boyish look. If you are daring enough then you can sport this.

5. The tomboyish style:

This can be the choice of a tomboyish girl. You can sport this for parties as well.

6. The coloured streaks:

This looks classy if you are not going to be uncomfortable if you try this look out.

7. High pony look:

This is a back pony look with the sides shaved. The puffy top will give a different look to the style.

8. The party look:

The small bump its will make this look very retro. If you want then sport this style with some large earrings.

9. The messy style:

This is for those who like a puffy look and like to keep the some sections loose.

10. The summer trend:

This can go much tuned with that summer dress of yours. You can team this with by sporting this loosely or you can make a fishtail loose braid as well to hang from a side. You can bring that forward to create a different style.

11. The trendy short look:

This is a very new type of a look that you can get from a good saloon. This is a new style and you can sport it with ease.

12. Curly trendy:

This is a curly short look. You sport it and just forget it. It is that easy to look good in a cut like this.

13. Classy frontal fringe:

This can be good for those who have thick tresses and want something normal and not too funky.

14. The frontal style:

This style can be even better to sport with light streaks of colors and highlights.

15. The uneven cut:

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Looking for that asymmetric look? Some asymmetrical and edgy sections from the top and the two sides can make you look very trendy. You can try this to bring out your boyish side to the forefront.

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