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Top 30 Small Tattoo Designs for Girls and Boys

You need to choose the pattern properly if you want to get a tattoo. Otherwise you may have to re-do it which can cost you a large amount of money. These days however, tattoo removals are available and you can have these removed. Some people might just have an allergic reaction which can be itchy and also painful at the same time. However, touch-ups and re-doing designs when they are abnormally large are very painful as you have to get yourself needled every few months to keep the colors in place.

If you avoid this then however, you might have a faded effect. Hence most people these days who want to get a design done on a portion of their body, especially if you are a women, they tend to go for those which are small or very small. It can also be a writing which is quite small and only takes about less than a square inch of space on a portion of your body. It can also be the size of a 1/4th of a square inch when these are something like an “xo” or a heart shape. You need to either select a pre-determined design or have something custom made.

Your artist will help you in choosing a proper design as per the place where you want it. So talk this out with him or her properly before getting it. These take very less space hence re-coloration is absolutely not a problem. It takes only a few seconds to get re-colorations done. These have another advantage. These are easy to hide too. If you want something that can be easily hidden with makeup then you can try small designs. These are very popular these days and many artists have come up with various illustrative designs which they can show you if you go for something like this. Going for large styles can be quite a trouble sometimes when you have sensitive surface. It can make your skin itch or it can go very red and not be able to take the pain from needling and get badly aggravated. In those cases and also the hygiene and the safety of suitability of the needles to your skin also matters a lot.

Even various celebrities’ port small designs and these are very classy too. For example a small writing which is meaningful to you and you do it on the shoulder, and when you wear a tank top or a halter neck dress, this will show off. It creates quite a show and this is very fashionable to look at too.

You can take a look at the top 30 designs shown below and get some inspirations. So if you have decided to have a small design which has some specific meaning to you or a small flower on the hands then you can choose from a number of styles these days. Some designs are also done in small animal or tribal patterns. These are also a very new trend. Not just for boys but girls too like these styles. If you are willing to have something which is not the usual trends then you can choose designs like these.

1. A small tree tattoo:

A cool design for the hand can be something like this. This is a very small tree shape which looks very trendy at the same time. This is good for people who are still students because these can be hidden well below the hands and you do not need to worry about these much. You can also hide these with makeup.

2. Font style tattoo:

These styles of designs can be very cool to sport. You can try these in italics, bold and also hide these in times you do not want your design to get shown off. These are easy to hide with temporary makeup. You can even do these in white ink which can only be for your show and people will only see it when you point them out this.

3. Small elephant tattoo:

These are very cool looking and you can try these for the back or even for the sides of hands. These take very less space and hence are not painful too to needle these out. Instead of an animal, you can get similar styles for birds too. Depends on what you want and your artist can provide you with, you can choose a proper design for yourself.

4. Arrow shapes tattoo:

These are very easy to make and therefore when you get these, it will not be very painful and you can easily get these needled out. Instead of an arrow, you can try feathers or other styles which are something tribal. These can be done in various colors and hence you can custom suit these as well.

5. Floral pattern tattoo:

These are girly designs that you can get custom done on stencils by your artist. Provided these get a proper shading and coloring, these can be quite a show.

6. Small font an heart tattoo:

This is a small heart and writings design which you can try at a small place like along a finger and this will stay hidden at the same time. You can try these in italics, bold and also hide these in times you do not want your design to get shown off. These are easy to hide with temporary makeup. You can even do these in white ink which can only be for your show and people will only see it when you point them out this.

7. Name fonts tattoo:

Looking to do something in fonts then you can write whatever you want on any part of your body and you can do that irrespective of the fact be you are a girl or a boy. These can be done in various styles and designs and you can sport these with ease too. These can be done in italics, bolds or any of your favourite fonts like Comic sans or simple calligraphy style. Talk these out with your artist so he can better guide you and make a custom suitable design.

8. Simple Word tattoo:

If you are looking to create a very simple and meaningful word on your body, then try these types. These show when you wear proper dresses and also stay hidden under most dresses. You can try these in italics, bold and also hide these in times you do not want your design to get shown off. Use some dots of makeup concealer and foundation and you can hide these. You can even do these in white ink which can only be for your show and people will only see it when you point them out this. These do not give too much problem when it comes to sporting these.

9. Mickey Minnie tattoo:

If these were the favourite characters from the Mickey Mouse show then try out something like this. This is small and quite trendy. This will also not be a problem to sport when it comes to yourself being a student of an institution. These can be hidden also with makeup.

10. Om tattoo:

If you want something that is very well placed at a very proper place, then go for something like this. This is classy, trendy and very easy to get done. It will also not pain too much when you get a small symbol like this get inked out.

11. Delta tattoo:

Delta is often considered to be the sign of change and this on the other hand, means that you are open to change since it has an opening or a rupture. It is like flowing in of water and you are open to any change. If you have a very broad and open minded base and you want to show that off then try these styles. These are quite suitable for youth to sport. It is always an option to remove when you do not like it and grow older. Till that time, you can easily sport these and show these off. Choosing the color is also a custom choice and you can decide the size with your artist as to where and how large you want it. Usually these should always be small enough and you can keep these significant symbols on a proper location of your body.

12. A colourful elephant tattoo:

You can try colourful elephant designs like these which are small and come in varying colors. These look girly and you can easily sport these.

13. Meaning writings tattoo:

Looking for a written notation? Try these styles. These can be done in bold, italic or any underline or other font styles.

14. Small star tattoo:

If you are not into getting needled, then try only a small star for the shoulder. This can look quite cool.

15. A diamond tattoo:

If you like glitzy glamorous rhinestones and jewellery then this types of symbols are a choice that you can do. These can be of different colors too. Talk this out with your artist and also the size and its placement position.

16. A meaningful font tattoo:

Looking for a meaningful writing? Then try something like this. You can do this at a non-conventional place like the side of the body. This can be trendy.

17. Trendy small tattoo :

This can be a very trendy small design that you can sport quite easily. If you do not want anything too much on the body, then this is a very good choice to go for.

18. A small heart tattoo:

This is a trendy design for the ladies. It is cool and looks quite easy to hide when you keep your hands normally.

19. A flower with flying petals tattoo:

If you are looking for floral designs but not something conventional then you can try these styles like where the petals get blown away by the wind.

20. Crown and heart tattoo:

A simple design for the fingers and you can do it small too. This can be interesting to sport and show off.

21. Anchor for feet tattoo:

Anchor designs are gaining quite popularity. This is for the side of your feet and is done in dark ink. If you want it in color then you can do that too. This is interesting for girls and if you add some other symbols to this then you can sport this even if you are a boy.

22. Arrow for finger tattoo:

A small arrow design for the fingers can be something daring to sport. A girl or a boy both can sport this and this can be something very cool for girls who are tom boyish.

23. Musical notation tattoo:

Looking for a heart design but not the usual styles? Then try something like this if you like to listen to music. If you have any favourite things you want to write then you can add those too. This can be done in color and also in black.

24. Meaning with birds tattoo:

These can be done smaller than shown. And can be also hidden in times you do not want your design to get shown off.

25. A Slanted bird tattoo:

This is a simple but very artistic bird for those who want something different.

26. Small stars tattoo:

If you want something that you can wear easily then you can try these styles.

27. Small heart tattoo:

You can try these in bold colors and sport with much ease since these are done on the feet.

28. Lotus Flower tattoo:

This is a very cool design that you can easily sport.

29. Tribal Bird tattoo:

A tribal bird can be very trendy and you can try this out.

30. An artistic tree tattoo:

This is a girly design that you can try out too. This is not very large and can be quite a show.

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