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tattoo ideas for men

tattoo ideas for men tattoos idea for men
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  • There are countless tattoo ideas for men and in order to choose one for yourself, you have to do an extensive research. Other than searching for images online, you can visit popular tattoo salons and ask for the artists' previous work. This way, you'll not only find designs that appeal to you, but also learn more about the artist and the kind of work he/she does.

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  • As for others, the only option is to stay away from it, as far as possible. There are many reasons why someone would get a tattoo inked in the first place. Well, whatever your reasons may be, one of the most essential steps in getting a tattoo is the design. If you have the right design for yourself, there's no turning back. So why don't we take a look at some tattoos for men and see what your options can be.

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  • Tattoos are a huge rage among men. Call them art or describe them as an inspiration they are sensational. They also are an extension of their personality. Tattoo ideas are dime a dozen for men. You can also try to impress your near and dear ones with these inked beauties.

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  • One of the ideal places to get a tattoo is the chest as this is a wonderful canvas which gives the tattoo artist plenty of space and scope to work on. Another bonus with this body part is that it can be covered up if necessary and will not be on display unless required so it is suitable for those with professions that require discretion in their work attire. Hearts and crosses are popular tattoo ideas for men too as these symbols can make significant statements in this area.

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  • A confirmed bachelor may choose a stone heart design or one who has been unlucky in love may opt for a crown of thorns around it. Alternatively, having a girlfriend or wife’s name on the chest near the organ itself is a popular statement of love for affectionate guys and text tattoo designs in general are popular here. These involve using words instead of images, such as names and dates of significance to you, words or a phrase that appeals to you and even a meaningful poem, bible verse or song lyrics.

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  • A scorpion is one such creature as mythology suggests this is an image of protection although in ancient times they were feared as well as revered by the gods and humans alike. Big cats such as lions, jaguars, panthers, cheetahs and of course tigers, are another very manly choice that appeal to many men who can relate to the positive character traits of these mighty creatures. Many guys also go for sleeve tattoos though be warned these are not for those who are weak at heart because the whole of the upper arm is the canvas here, so make sure you put some thought into it first.

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