Thursday, 28 August 2014

50 Most Popular Tattoo Designs for Girls

Tattoos are a very popular trend these days. Girls are especially fond of sporting these types of colourful designs and sometimes something in writings or something very small. No matter even if it is small it is like a trend these days to sport these. These look funky, some look cool and some look very stylish and fashionable. If you are a girl and willing to go have something permanent on the body like a bird or a flower, then you can have various forms of designs to choose from. Your artist can even do something custom for you and then you can even write your name or get some flower prints on it. You can do daring designs and also those which are very girly.

Something can represent some significant and meaningful things that you have believed in. You can even do some very small tribal designs if you are comfortable in sporting those. Some cartoon designs are also quite trendy. If Mickey Mouse is your favourite cartoon character then you can get a Mickey face done on your hands. Similar such designs are quite trendy and very girly. Hence if you are looking for something that you can sport and something that is quite different there are few things that you need to keep in mind.

These are however, permanent coloring and hence can only be removed with lasers. If you are not considered about the price then that is not a factor here. If a person has large amount of money to spend on something like this, then doing and re-doing it is not a factor. The problem lies on this aspect that each time you try to get your colors set and re done you will have to go through the pain of the pricking of the needles and the burning sensation that comes with the chemicals that are used.

If you already have something on your body, then you can know that having the larger size the more is the problem when you need re-colorations done. These needs to get done every few months, especially if it on an open portion of your body. You also need to be careful as regards the hygiene and about the artist who is going to do this on you. You will love to sport these with open neck or back less or tank tops where you can have quite a show with these. You can talk out all these things with your artist and he or she can guide you accordingly. It is also advisable that you keep a note of the removal parlours in case you do not like the design and want to change it. You should always keep the extra cash with you if you at all go for a changing. This becomes very necessary sometimes as you might just think or re-doing a design. Some designs are such that can be extended later on.

Below are top 100 girl type tattoos that can inspire you. You can get similar or custom made patterns like these on your body.

1. Colourful floral design Tattoos:

This is a cool design for the back. This can have associated floral patterns, colors or even birds which are very large.

2. Sunflower Tattoos:

This is another girly thing that you can try out. Make sure your choice of color is proper as per complexion else it will be wastage.

3. Penguin Tattoos:

This is a cool thing to sport. If you want to sport something that is small then go for these styles. These look very trendy.

4. Anchor Tattoos:

Looking for anchor for feet? Try out these styles with rope or flowers attached to it. It looks girly and trendy.

5. Numbers Tattoos:

If you want to signify a specific number which can be your date of birth, or a favourite number of yours, then try these things which look very cool and fashionable especially for girl.

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