Thursday, 28 August 2014

African Prom Hairstyles

The entire of our school year comes down to this. The prom. The very last school event eagerly anticipated by all throughout the year. This is the time when boys suit up to their best, girls dress up to their max. the frantic running around to get that perfect eyes done up, the last finishing touch before the bell rings, the last one glance in the mirror before finally meeting the day they have been waiting for all this time. But nothing is perfect without a perfect hair.

The simpleton:

Prom maybe a big event but big doesn’t always mean extravagant. For all the girls born with the blessed skin, any and everything will look good on them. If we are having the best of the clothes, a simple hairstyle would suffice and this is exactly the same thing, a sleek and chic hair tied in a pony with loose locks parted to the side. A simple one minute hair-do that is exquisite and elegant.

The dreadlock updo:

Dreadlocks are quite a common fashion amongst Africans and this can be used as an advantage in creating a cool summer up-do for the prom night. While the dreadlocks cover the scalp region into various braided lines of hair zigzagging across the head, the end is permed and scrunched up into a tight pony. This is one of the common prom hair-dos which is again easy to achieve and looks beautiful.

The corn-row free-fall:

Now some girls prefer a little edge on their special night and so if you want to get into more details and yet don’t know what to go for, this might be a suitable hairdo to try out. It may look tough but here’s the cracked code to this hair do. A simple pouf in the front with the help of bump-its and the corn-rows which can be done with some professional help. The corn-rows on the side which are basically braids done intricately can then be added to the back section of the free falling hair. A little curl on the end might be a bonus point for this look.

Bun extravagance:

Girls put their everything in when it comes to proms and weddings and so in the rush to look unique and different from the rest of the crowd, this is an extravagant hairstyle especially for the girls who are willing to put their all effort into the evening. Once again, this is a complex looking but simple hair do. The entire hair is separated and with the help of extensions put into big buns and pinned to the head. The rolled up buns give the look volume while the front can be kept simple with some falling bangs.

Wave it up:

Now there must be girls who would want to just stick to the simple hair and makeup and focus more on enjoying the night care-free. This is why this above recommended hairstyle is truly a perfect hair for the prom queens who likes to spend less time in front of the mirror. The normal side bangs in the front are swept to one side while the back is just simply waved and let down.

The pixie diva:

If you’re someone who has spent time on the basketball team more than in front of the mirror and is upset about how they want to dress up for the night, this is an apt hair for the pixie cuts. Girls with short hair does not need to fret since this too can be used to an advantage. Why be like the rest with the same long hairs. Just go for this side swept bangs.

The frizzy mane:

Really short hair problems? Frizzy and untamed? This shouldn’t be bothering you anymore since we got a perfect hair for that too. Since the frizz won’t let your hair set, don’t try to tame it. Let it free and frizzy and hold that into place with some major hair-spray skills. Then you can just tease and comb back the front hair to get this elegant neat look. Perfect for a short hair on a prom night.

The uber bun:

If you have lots of time on your hand and your partner is taking his sweet time dressing up, why won’t you too? Bangs define the face and for this the bangs must have a sleek tamed look. While this silken bangs are brushed dramatically to one side covering the forehead, the hair can be pulled to the side and volumised with extensions. Once done this can be rolled up in a big bun at the side of the head covering the entire stretch of side area.

The sleek free fall:

Running late for the prom? 15 minutes to go and your still not decided on the hair. Just plug in the straightner and get down to work. A simple classy free falling hair is always the last resort on prom night but this too can spice things up like a Mexican food. The hair however is preferred to be sleeked down, controlled, combed through and straight. Just the straightner and comb and you’re all set.

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