Thursday, 26 September 2013

Hairstyles For Short Hair Women

Hair styles for short hair 2012 both in men and women are quite trendy, as the summer sets in long hairs are getting a bit to much to handle. That is why people prefer short hairstyles now. The key thing about short hairstyle is that whether it suits you or not?

So here are suggestions before you go for a short hairstyle is that shorter hairstyles tend to make your face expand. If you have a relatively bigger face than you should try bangs with short hairstyles and little bulky on the top as it will draw attention from your bigger face. A good attention diverting method is to dye your short hair so that people are less likely to pay attention to your facial features.

Also the flicks are pretty important, a right chosen flick shows the best side of your face and hide the unwanted features. While a wrong decision could ruin everything for you. With flicks little curls at end increase volume and hence increase your face size if you have a thinner face.

Keep all the tips given above in mind and examine all the picture collection down here and decide what's closest to your facial shape and have an attractive short hairstyle as soon as possible!

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