Thursday, 26 September 2013

Heart Tattoos

heart tattoo design with wings

Tattoos may come as the symbol of bravery, toughness and courage. But they may be used as the symbol of love and delicacy, so is the case with the heart tattoos. The heart tattoos are the symbol of love and passion, and many people specially women are very fond of them. Heart tattoo are worn by people who usually are over the softer side, rather than some tribal dragon or a monster.

But, there are many variations of Heart Tattoos. Interlocking heart tattoos are usually worn by lovers, while the broken heart tattoos are worn by the broken heart people, usually the one's who are not so good with love or have lost it. Where as the small heart tattoos are for girls usually, they have them because they are pretty. Celtic heart tattoos, bleeding heart tattoos and human heart tattoos are usually for the high end miserable people.

The interesting fact about heart tattoos is that in ancient cultures the magician used to wear the heart tattoos either on arm or on foot. And, old tales suggest that they were useful in magics and other stuff, well but harry potter doesn't have one. An interesting variation of the Heart Tattoos are the Mom Heart tattoos, which show the love and affection towards your mother, Cute! isn't it?

Check out Some interesting Heart Tattoos down here, which you may like to have if you want heart tattoos.

love tattoo with a rose

heart tattoo women

follow your heart tattoo design

no heart tattoos red

mom heart tattoo belly

little hearts foot tattoos
warrior with heart and sword tattoos

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